Today in math, we're going to begin our geometry unit.

Go to Polygon Playground and pull one of each shape down into the play space. Always choose the SAME color (like the picture below).

  1. Holding down the control key, click on each shape, one by one,and save it to the downloads folder.
  2. Then, on a new tab (command T) open your wiki and create a new page called Geometry.
  3. On the page, import all of the shapes you just saved to the download folder.
  4. Beside each, name it and tell why it is called that.
  5. Describe/define it as best you can, using all of the geometry vocabulary you possibly can.

When you finish that, you may go back and explore the polygon playground. You geometry page needs to be finished by Wednesday at the beginning of math class, so if you do not finish it in class today, please complete it for homework, (or come see me at Mastery Extension today and tomorrow to work on it).